5 Tax Saving Tips For Real Estate Investors

Taxes are one of life’s many certainties, especially for real estate investors who spend millions of hard earned cash yearly on housing tax. However, paying housing or property task shouldn’t be such a painful ordeal if you can put a few of the tax saving tips in this article into practice. Hence, to maximize your task savings on your property investment make sure you have streamlined your investing operation appropriately. Below are five tax saving tips every real estate investor should know:


Hire the services of a good accountant

Having a good and competent CPA is necessary if you must maximize your tax savings as a real estate investor. Unless of course, you enjoy spending your hard earned cash, your best bet to maximizing your property tax saving is by finding a very competent CPA who is conversant with the real estate market and also specializes in real estate tax. Although there are so many unqualified CPA’s that can make a mess on your investments, finding a qualified accountant is non-negotiable if your investment must keep more money. A good CPA can help you make an informed decision as well as recommend other team players that can make your investment a profitable venture.

Get organized

Many real estate investors today pay so much in tax because they have refused to keep accurate records of business dealings. As a real estate investor who wants to maximize tax savings, you must ensure that you keep a strict record of all financial transactions. One thing that has proven very helpful in this regard is finding a filling system that works for you. To this end, you must keep an accurate record of all your real estate investment just as IRS advises.

Hold Short Term and Long Term Investments in Different Entities

Having located a qualified CPA who understand the dynamics of real estate investments, the next step you should take is separating your short term investment from your long term investment. As you would agree, flipping, rehabbing or wholesaling are essentially a short term property investment while owning a rental property is typically a long term property investment. Opting for any of this two property investment options can have an enormous impact on your property tax. Hence you must ensure you have a qualified CPA that will help you figure out which property investment strategy is perfect for you.

Figure out overlooked deductions

Overlooked deductions are one of the reasons most real estate investors are paying heavily for property tax. Nonetheless, a good, reliable and qualified CPA that is familiar with real estate investment can help you locate and cut down your overall tax bill. As such, one question every real estate investor should always ask is why paying more when you don’t have to? A perfect way to cut down overlooked deduction is to:
• Cut off home/office expenses
• Write off mileage cost from investment
• Reduce business entertainment cost
• Cut down on unnecessary travel expenses etc.

Prevent capital gains taxes

One smart way every real estate mogul can save money on taxes is to avoid capital gains taxes. For instance, if you own a property, you can sell that property without having to pay capital gains taxes. This is made possible by section 1031 which states that when you reinvest the proceeds of the sale of your property in another property, then you are exempted from paying capital gain  taxes.

How to Invest in Real Estate with little Money or Experience

Not surprisingly, investing in real estate seems possible when there is money, and perhaps a somewhat amount of knowledge about it. This is the idea most would-have-been investors and naïve persons share, and this idea has scared some of them away. Despite the fact that individuals who are experienced and are with their money seem to hit it big when it comes to investing in real estate, there is also every possibility for individuals who have little money and perhaps no or little experience to embark on property investment and become successful.


If you wish to key into property investment without having money for it, you can consider seller financing, albeit it all lies on the seller to make this workout. In this strategy, the seller may choose to give you a loan to help you purchase the property. In some scenarios, you can make a down payment to the seller and subsequent monthly payments, or make higher monthly payments without a down payment. However, it is important to have a legal backing in any of the cases.

Moreover, you can choose to offer a skill or your labor in lieu of paying for an investment property, suffice it to say that you can work out a trade. Having little or no money for investment, you may want to trade by barter, perhaps offering your skill or other possessions like cars, furniture or artwork, as well other valuables; this can serve as part or full pay for the real estate. Although naïve and broke, with your suitable skill, you can seek for a partner who is lacking your ability; this maybe a partner with financial capability and experience, while you have the skills and knowledge. It is vital to have every terms and condition clearly stated with a legal backing.

With little or no money for real estate investment, it is possible to invest in real estate by using lease option strategies.  The leasing strategy involves purchasing property, without legally owning it; rather the investor signs a long-term lease and an option to buy the property at a specified amount at the end of the said time. The investor has no legal right to resell this property until he pays off in the future, but can sell his option or rent the property.

You can also consider going for private money lenders; these are people with disposable income or money they wish to invest not necessarily in real estate. When you approach them with a solid plan, they can listen and hear you out and in the end, may lend you the money which you will use in investing in real estate. Gone are the days when potential investors avoid investing because they don’t have any or sufficient money to invest in the real estate. Lately, it is possible to invest with or without your money.


Getting Started As Real Estate Investor

If you are looking to stake your money in a viable business with high turnover and minimal risk, then real estate investment is the ideal business for you. Believe me, when I say real estate is the new gold mine as thousands of people are currently rakking millions investing in real estate.  However, investing in real estate is not as easy as it seems, especially for newbies looking to make a headway investing in real estate. There are a lot of intricate details you will need to master. Without further ado, here are some things you should know if you want to go into real estate and make it big:

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Plan Your Financial Goals

Before you start thinking of putting your money into Property investment, carefully estimate what you expect from such investment. In essence, what are your financial goals, and how do you intend to achieve them? Hence, if you can understand your financial goal then investing in real estate would be just the perfect way to achieving those goals especially for people who have an enormous financial goal. Nonetheless, if you are not sure of how to create a financial goal, then your best bet is to meet a financial advisor who would tell you all you need to know about financial setting a financial goal.

Don’t Spend Too Much on Books and Research

While the hallmark of every investment lies in studying and researching in the area you intend to invest in, don’t go overboard with spending too much on books, seminar or research. I understand that research is a must before venturing into any investment. But then, make sure you don’t get tied up in research that you forget to take actions. Again, having a financial goal can make the process of investment easy and straight forward. So before you get immersed in studying those books or spending a fortune on research and seminars on real estate investments, make sure your research is tailored towards your financial goal or objective.

Look at Dozens of Properties Before You Invest

When you are starting out in real estate, it is paramount that you get it right or you might get frustrated in the long run. One thing that will prove crucial to your succeeding is taking the time to invest in the right property. Don’t just settle for the first property you look at because it looks good, meets your taste or personal preferences. Always remember, that you wouldn’t live in those houses, as such you must ensure that you go through an extensive range of property before settling for the one that you think will suit the demands of your prospective buyers.

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Don’t Wait For The Right Time

Just like the stock exchange market, there is no perfect time to invest in real estate. The good time to invest in real estate is when you have the startup fund. However, start out simple by investing in one or two property and go from there.

Things to Know about Selling a Real Estate Property


6f1421f222130b5fb2b52fb67b9ed699When it comes to the matter of selling a real estate property, it is best if you have a lawyer on your side so they would help in guaranteeing that you have no further commitment in regards to your old home loan on the off chance that it is being expected by the purchaser, affirming that all installments for which you are capable have been made, masterminding you to sign the exchange records, setting up an announcement for you that is useful in sketching out where all the cash was dispensed and giving you the net results of the deal.


Things to Know about Selling a Real Estate Property

2016-best-worst-cities-to-be-real-estate-agentOnce the house has been sold, expect to pay for the commission you consented to pay to the financier, the legitimate charges to release any current home loan regardless of whether you connect with your own legal counselor or not, the GST on the land commission and on your legitimate charges, any prepayment punishment required by the money related foundation for early payout of a current home loan, your offer of the property charges for the year if the currentyear’s duties have not yet been paid, in addition to any punishments due for late installment of unpaid assessments.

9095238In the event that you are worriedabout something as a consequence of land administrations given by a licensee, the accompanying strides ought to be considered. Talk about the worry with the licensee. In the event that the matter is still not determined, examine the worry with the overseeing specialist responsible for the business. Most concerns are settled by these two means. In the event that the licensee is likewise an individual from a nearby land board, the board might have the capacity to help to casually resolve the worry. In the end, the problem is not solved once your house has been sold. So pay attention to the finer points.

Being Careful in Real Estate Sales


12066866Selling a real estate property is more than about placing it on an online listing and seeking for someone who is interested in it. You should be smart and careful while selling a property because this is a field rife with frauds. The Real Estate Council can examine any objection about the behavior of a land licensee in his or her treatment of your land exchange. The Council is approved to train a licensee discovered liable of expert unfortunate behavior.

Tips for Being Careful in Real Estate Sales

buying_a_house-jpg-size-custom-crop-1086x726It ought to be noted, in any case, that the Council does not have the power to require a licensee to perform under the terms of an agreement, nor does the Council have any purview over purchasers who have not performed under the agreement. The Council can’t grant harms to a complainant from a licensee. Those matters may require legitimate activity. Misrepresentation against attorneys and including legal advisors is on the ascent crosswise over Canada and the United States. Fraudsters have abused the shortcomings in the frameworks and demonstrated why we should all institute protections to confine our presentation.

Couple shakes hands with realator in fron of new home

There are numerous components that offer ascent to extortion. It is a sad fact that there are plenty of lawyers who have been a part of a plan to trick the seller of a home in real estate. There are actually rules that prevent against this. A legal advisor must not participate in any action that the legal counselor knows or should know helps with any deceptive nature, wrongdoing or misrepresentation, including a fake movement, inclination or settlement. A legal counselor has an obligation to be wary of turning into the instrument of a corrupt customer or of people connected with such a customer and, in a few conditions, may have an obligation to make arequest. All in all, make sure you have a lawyer on your side when selling a property to be careful.